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Match Girl


Born in San Francisco and raised by two native New Yorkers, a deep appreciation for great cities and iconic establishments was instilled in me from a very young age. More importantly, admiration and respect for the people working hard to make these institutions thrive. 


Somewhere along the way, I began collecting matches as mementos for cherished times that have shaped the great adventures of my life. I've found matches from all over the world and in doing that I've been lucky to explore different cuisines, restaurants, businesses and cultures that have taught me a great deal. I quickly realized that matches mean so much more than their basic function. It’s about memories, community, art and connection. Nostalgia has the power to comfort, honor and inspire.

I like to refer to myself as an accidental artist. What started as a hobby via Instagram accelerated during the tumultuous climate of 2020, thanks to newfound time on my hands and my then home, New York's Upper East Side. Before Meet Your Matches, my creativity had been devoted to working years in the fashion industry, working for retail giants such as Gap, Kate Spade, and Le Tote/ Lord & Taylor. Because of Covid-19's deep impact on the industry, I was forced to halt and redirect that focus. In a time of great uncertainty and difficulty, art found me. Meet Your Matches was my silver lining. I unlocked abilities I didn't even know I had and made meaningful connections with other's on paths that I would have never crossed. 

Today, Meet Your Matches celebrates its 2 year anniversary, now offering not only matchbook prints but stationary, barware, tech items, original sketches, watercolors, classic photography prints, custom pieces for over 200+ clients and most importantly to me, it's become a vehicle for fundraising, contributing over 10K to restaurant relief and other worthy causes. Never on my own would I have been able to give back to that extent and it's only sparked a hunger to give more. 

While semblances of life pre-pandemic have returned and I've made a return to my original career in merchandising, this business is here to stay. I can't wait to continue to share my art with you and see what we can achieve together in the name of the cities we love. 

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